Arizona Sky – a marquetry domed ceiling

One of our most rewarding and complex projects began with a simple question from the client, ‘Do you like a challenge?’ Nearly 18 months later, Arizona Sky, a domed ceiling in marquetry for an American luxury residence and one of our largest commissions to date has just been installed.

Twenty-four large marquetry panels cover an elliptical domed ceiling spanning seven metres in width and 35 square metres in area. The installation couldn’t have gone more smoothly with the continuous design flowing seamlessly from one panel to the next.

Due credit goes to Master Marquetry Artist Anne Harrison who designed and made every feather of every bird and every leaf, flower and twig of each tree, and to the clients themselves for their vision in commissioning a work of such scale and imagination.

ARCHIVE-EXT-JC-512_1 5-Dome-sample-panel-rectangular

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