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At SuperyachtDESIGN Week Angie Audretsch from SuperyachtDESIGN Magazine spoke to designer Hannah Gage about a recent superyacht project.

‘How do you translate a client’s brief into your final design?’

A typical project would be like the one I worked on recently with Andrew Winch Designs for a yacht that was delivered earlier this year. The starting point was a photographic rendering of each room to give me my colour palette. I spent a few days researching colour trends and patterns, which enabled me to produce hand-drawn contemporary designs that reflected the aesthetics of each room.

At a meeting with the project manager 
I presented my drawings and veneer suggestions and their team ran through a selection of different patterns and materials such as leather, suede and shagreen, which enabled me to develop my ideas and the artwork further. After the designs were approved, I made up a sample piece of marquetry to give them and the client an 
idea of how the colours, veneers and designs would work together. The next stage was to translate the design into a digital format so that the lasers could cut all the different pieces of veneer. The most time-consuming, but also one of the most enjoyable, parts of my work comes next when I assemble all the pieces of veneer by hand, one by one, to create the finished design.

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