Transports of Delight

The interior of a luxury car is as much of a statement as the engine, bodywork and mascot. At Aryma we are committed to surpassing our own creations year-on-year by continuously striving to amaze and entrance our automotive clients with marquetry masterpieces of a very personal nature.

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The soaring skyscrapers of a cityscape inlaid into the interior woodwork of this Rolls-Royce Phantom took one of our marquetry artists one month to complete. The greatest care has been taken to choose wood veneer of the highest quality and consistency by selecting a section of log showing exemplary  figure, grain, colour and tone

Rolls Royce Metropolitan_DFA1470_DFA1447Aryma-199Rolls Royce MetropolitanRolls Royce MetropolitanRolls Royce Metropolitan

A magnificent 350-year old walnut tree, thought to be the third largest in the country, was blown down in the great storm of 2007 near Fulbeck village in Lincolnshire. While this was a loss to the locality, the wood yielded by this tree was found to be of unusual figuring and beauty and has now been reincarnated as the magnificent background veneer for the limited edition ‘95’ Bentley Mulsanne.


This pièce de la resistance for automotive luxury interiors is the most complex and intricate marquetry ever seen inside a Rolls-Royce. Inspired by the concept of luxury travel, our marquetry artists painstakingly assembled the design to perfectly express the vision of marque’s Bespoke design team.

Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel_DFA1243_DFA1245_DFA1338Rolls Royce Pinnacle TravelRolls Royce Pinnacle TravelRolls Royce Pinnacle TravelRolls Royce Pinnacle TravelRolls Royce Pinnacle Travel

Developed from a set of landscape watercolours painted by Lin Xi, a well-established contemporary Chinese artist, this fabulous design of sand-shaded veneers and mother-of-pearl encapsulates the ethos, beauty and vision of the Bentley Mulsanne China Seasons.

_AJC3136PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)_AJC3544PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)_AJC3591PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)-2_AJC3688PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)PhotoCredit-AnthonyCullen(c)Bentley Mulsanne China SeasonsBentley Mulsanne China SeasonsBentley Mulsanne China Seasons

On 1 January 2013, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars celebrated 10 years of production at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England.  To mark this latest chapter in the marque’s history, the Rolls-Royce Bespoke team created a special Home of Rolls-Royce collection featuring marquetry developed collaboratively with Aryma.  Each small piece of veneer in the ‘celebration’ motif on the front fascia underwent four separate processes before being placed by hand into the background veneer making this one of the most time-intensive projects for Rolls-Royce to date.