Case studies

Aryma’s interior commissions range from walls, floors and ceilings entirely clad in marquetry to magnificent stand-alone pieces that form the focal point of the room. What unites every project is exemplary craftsmanship, innovative design and dedication to creating the best possible piece for any given environment.

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Twist of Nature

Commissioned for a new luxury residential development by award-winning interior design practice Taylor Howes, this ambitious, large-scale abstract artwork combines opulent materials with highly specialised craftsmanship. The result is a flowing triptych of marquetry panels covering eight square metres.

The three panels were designed and made in Aryma’s studio over a period of two and a half months – in total more than 1,000 hours from first concept to completion. Developed from original hand-drawn designs, Twist of Nature includes over twenty different veneers and eight different types of mother of pearl from around the world, with every one of the thousands of pieces placed by hand with painstaking precision into the ripple sycamore background.

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The Dome

This elliptical domed ceiling spanning seven metres in width was created for a private client in America. It depicts trees, birds, butterflies and orange blossom native to Arizona.

The sumptuous Gold Anegre background is the spectacular backdrop for more than fifty other richly coloured veneers including American burr walnut, English burr walnut, vavona, burr myrtle and burr ash.


Stella McCartney

The focal point of Stella McCartney’s London boutique is an entire wall of marquetry depicting a fairy, stems of Japanese lotus blossom and branches that extend across the floor. It was one of the largest pieces of marquetry commissioned in Britain in 100 years and one designed by Stella McCartney to reflect her personal taste. ‘We already had a marquetry dressing room in the New York store which turned out to be my favourite bit. I think marquetry is so stunning. There are so many elements to it and yet it is still an image that boils down to be something beautiful yet fascinating to look at,’ she explains.