Private Lives

Given the confidential nature of the super yacht industry, understanding what is in the mind’s eye of the yacht’s owner can be uncertain, but we endeavour always to try to make the marquetry design as meaningful and significant to that individual and their family as we can. We know how much pleasure they will take from an interior that fully reflects their passions, pastimes and personalities.

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Landmarks of the World

For the complex, curved marquetry wall panels made for the super yacht, Lady Christine, the starting point was a rough sketch provided jointly by the owner and the architect, Rodney Black. From this, Aryma developed detailed drawings to scale, inviting the yacht’s owner to suggest meaningful elements that would enhance the design, so  adding a richer level of significance to the overall marquetry work.


Autumn Leaves

This table was to be the centrepiece of the dining room on board an 80 metre motor yacht delivered in 2012. The brief for this six metre table was simple enough: the owner wanted a long oval dining table scattered with a dense carpet of leaves in rich autumnal colours. The result was an elaborate design of extraordinary detail and complexity showcasing the marqueteur’s art of bringing depth to a design using hot sand shading with a wide variety of natural coloured veneers.


The centrepiece for the triple-height Grand Lobby of Cunard’s liner Queen Victoria is a substantial work in mixed media of marquetry and sculpture that complements the room’s sweeping staircase and curved balconies to evoke the grandeur of luxury travel.

Set against a background depicting a globe, sky, continents and sea crafted in vavona, burr maple, ripple sycamore, mahogany and amboyna is Scottish sculptor John McKenna’s three dimensional portrait of the liner itself.